Nurturing Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

20120429_9999_15.WEB.FINAL.purple-flowersThere are a variety of reasons why you may feel anxious or depressed. Most of us have suffered from anxiety or depression at some time in our lives. You might have a high amount of stress related to your job, personal finances or your children’s problems. You may have recently lost a loved one, ended a relationship or be suffering from a health crisis. Whatever the cause, therapy can provide the support you need to understand your thoughts and feelings and help reduce anxiety or depression.

If you feel anxious or depressed, I would like to help you. My anxiety and depression therapy is based on finding solutions. I will work with you to focus on what you can do to reduce your anxiety or depression and better manage your feelings. I provide a safe environment for you to clarify the issues overwhelming your life.

Safe, Supportive Environment

If you are experiencing any of the following and you would like nurturing, therapeutic support, please contact me:

  • You are feeling generally anxious and worried about your future.
  • You experience stress related to your job, financial situation or a family issue.
  • You have recently lost a loved one and feel a deep sense of loss.
  • You are dealing with a stressful relationship.
  • You are dealing with a health crisis or are a caregiver to someone with health problems.
  • You are having trouble functioning in your work or home life due to substance abuse issues.

My office is located in San Rafael, California. I work with clients in Marin County, Sonoma County, San Francisco and the East Bay. As I am licensed in California, I can conduct telehealth sessions throughout the state. Please contact me to learn more about the work we can do together. I look forward to speaking with you.